Trigger Point Therapy

Sometimes pain is caused by small trigger points in the muscle or fascia. This happens when a muscle sustains a continued contraction, forming what may be felt as a knot, which restricts movement and causes pain and muscle weakness. This causes a cycle of pain/tension and discomfort. It’s as if the muscle just doesn’t’ “let go”. The pain may be referred or radiating and it may be secondary to another problem, though it can also be the primary problem. Pain can be felt anywhere in the body; Neck, Back, Arms, Legs…really anywhere. Often activated by trauma or repetitive motion, trigger points can be treated successfully through trigger point injection therapy.

Silver Spring Medical Center provides Trigger Point Therapy service in the office, by injecting a very fine gauge needle. These needles typically contain small amount of local anesthetic, with or without steroids. The injections can at times bring instant relief, or for more chronic pain, we may have to set up a series of injection visits to really tackle the problem.

Oftentimes, our providers will use guided ultrasound injections. This means, the doctor will use ultrasound technology to ‘see’ the needle placement on the monitor, allowing for a much more accurate injection and in turn more effective treatment.

When this therapy is provided in conjunction with traditional physical therapy, the results are amazing. Give us a call at 301-933-7827 and we’ll show you first hand!