Tele Health

Is TeleRehab Covered By My Insurance?

  • We are able to see NEW, Current and Former clients via Telehealth with CareFirst, Cigna/ASH and United Healthcare Insurance plans.
  • Aetna Insurance plans, we are able to see Current or Former Clients at this time.
  • For clients with Medicare or Tricare, we are able to provide Telehealth to current clients ONLY.
  • There are Self-Pay ($35) options for New, Current, and Former Patients who are carrying other insurances.

*Normal Copay, Co-Insurance and Deductible Payments may apply, and will be billed accordingly.

What You Can Expect:

  • One-on-One Live Session with a Doctor
  • Guided Evaluation and Movement Assessment
  • Continued Discussion and Supervision
  • Education and Strategies
  • Creating or Changes to your Home Exercise Program (HEP)
  • Medication can be prescribed by the MD and PA – and ordered electronically right to the pharmacy.

Research Supporting Telehealth

  • There is a high level of agreement between an in-clinic PT diagnosis and a diagnosis obtained via telehealth using a remote diagnosis and a functional movement screen (FMS) Source:
  • A review of 75 systematic reviews and 71 Cochrane reviews revealed that the most effective interventions for low back pain (LBP) are patient self management, psychosocial interventions, and therapeutic exercise. Source:
  • A UC Irvine School of Medicine study recently revealed that telehealth PT was as effective as in-clinic therapy for improving upper extremity motor control post-CVA. Source: