Twisted Prayers – Do It!

Thanks to Dr. Dooley for this.

The Prayer Twist

The prayer twist increases mobility of the spine and hips while improving global stability. It also teaches you to maintain a quality breath during strenuous activity.

From a half kneeling position (bottom of a lunge) walk your leading foot forward a few inches or so depending on your level of stretch. Bring your elbow outside your opposite knee connecting your hands together in prayer. Pull your shoulders down and thumbs to the middle of your chest. You should maintain one continuous line from elbow to elbow.

Lift the back knee off the ground and squeeze the glute. The leading shin should be vertical. Drive your elbow into your knee increasing rotation in your spine. Gaze over your fingertips. Hold for a minimum of 5 breaths. Breath into areas of restriction.

Let the pose be challenging but not strenuous. Your breaths should be long and deep with a second pause in between. It’s optional to go in and out of the pose, before the hold, as a warm up. Now go get strong!