So, What ARE Humans Supposed To Eat??

What foods ARE we supposed to eat??  There are over 20 million different species that we share this plant with….and each of them have a specific menu they eat from!  Seems that only humans are still at a quandary as to what they should be eating!  I’m certainly not an advocate for something like the “blood type” diets….after all, do you really think that a species would vary its diet based on what kind of blood type they have!?  Of course not.  That’s silly.  There are over 16 different families of primates, and literally hundreds of subfamilies, and guess what, they all pretty much eat the same thing: a diet based on fruits, veggies and some nuts and seeds.  When in doubt; look to nature.  Why are humans so darn confused about what they should, or should not, be eating!?

If you look at the media today; views are literally bombarded with information from all directions 24/7.  It used to be simply from radio, TV, newspapers and magazine would supply more than enough confusion.  Not today.  Now, with the thanks of modern online social media, websites, blogs (kind of like this one!?), Facebook, YouTube, websites, podcasts, snapchat and tweets….we are thoroughly confused.  How can we not be?

And, don’t forget, when you see your physician, he or she is listening to the same garbage that you are.  Couple that with the fact that most United States medical schools do not even require more than a few hours in Nutrition coursework!  So, asking your doctor, may not yield the vital info you seek…and deserve.

The most common response we get to the question: “why do you think you are overweight?” is one of two reasons:

  1. I need to eat less
  2. I need to exercise more

Both are actually incorrect answers.  You see, humans are NOT designed to ‘eat less’.  Hunger is a signal created in the brain to KEEP YOU ALIVE.  We are not supposed to skimp on food, it’s simply not natural.  However, we are NOT supposed to gorge ourselves on ‘fake foods’.  You know the kinds; refined sugars and fats.  Yes, even fats.  By the way, everyone will respond quickly that refined white sugar is bad and unhealthy.  After all, it has nothing good in it.  That’s correct; all the good things like vitamins, minerals, fiber, fats, proteins, enzymes, antioxidants have been ‘refined’ or processed out to leave a nice, pure white sugar.  There is nothing left in it, except FOR the actual sugar.  BUT, there is a disconnect.  When it comes to asking the SAME question about oil, people get confused.  They actually have been duped into thinking that oil Is healthy!  Let’s take ‘extra cold pressed, virgin olive oil’ as an example.  9 people out of 10 will respond that Olive oil is ‘healthy’.  “Why do you think it’s healthy?”, I ask them.  “well, I don’t know….I’ve heard on the news that its ‘heart healthy’”  Or they will mention something about the ‘Mediterranean diet’, but not really know much more.  That is pure advertising dollars hard at work.  They have shaped the way you think, without giving you much information on WHY you are thinking about it.

The Truth is, Olive Oil has the very same ‘good things’ refined out of the sugar beet or sugar cane plant.  All the good proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, fiber, enzymes, antioxidants….have ALL been refined or processed out.  And, we are left with nothing but pure liquid plant fat, called ‘oil’.  And the oil industry is happy to take your money for its ‘health food’.  It’s a lie.  Plain and simply.  You have been lied to.

The real truth is that there is a mountain of nutritional scientific evidence that shows that oils, of ANY kind are harmful to the heart and blood vessels.  The lining of our vascular system is made up of delicate endothelial cells and they have the ability to expand when needed in order to help the flow of blood not just to the heart but to all areas of the body.  After eating just ONE meal that is high in fat and oil, that ability to expand and relax is lost, and can take several hours to normalize!  Usually just as long til the next meal rolls around, and then we reinjure ourselves all over again.

The fact is, most Americans eat a diet that is way too high in fats and proteins.  Close to 40-50% of the standard American diet consists of calories coming from fat.  And, in our clinic our heaviest patients who stand to benefit the most from a healthy lifestyle and weight loss, find themselves approximately, wait for it….40-50% body fat!  Folks, YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT!    Forget about ‘low carbs’…..that is NOT based on science.  What works is eating a diet that is HIGH in CARBS!  Really?  Yes, really.  Ever hear of a ‘fruit’ or a ‘veggie’?  Yes? Well, did you know that they are made up of usually OVER 90% ‘Carbs’!!?  They also have fats and proteins, but a small amount.

We are DESIGNED to eat HIGH CARBS…and LOW FATS and LOW PROTEINS.  That is the most natural human diet.  That is what we seek, that is what satisfies our needs, and fuels our cells.  Look to nature. You will see what we are designed to eat.  Those foods that are brilliant in color, textures, fragrance.  We have COLOR vision for a reason.  We can SEE when a fruit tastes good before we even pick it.  We can SMELL the fruit, veggies and herbs.  They tempt us, and we salivate when thinking of eating them.  They provide us with all of the needed vitamins, minerals, water content, enzymes, fiber, antioxidants etc.  They are the highest food nutritionally for us.

According to science, and nature, the choice is quite simple.  You do not have to be confused any longer.  Eat a diet high in whole food, plant based items, and your body….and waistline, will thank you!