Dr. Melmed’s Free Weight Loss Report

Here is Dr. Melmed’s Free Weight Loss Report. I know you will find it valuable.

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Below are some great weight loss tips and advice…

First, be sure your plan is manageable. Design your resolutions in specific language, eschewing vague ideas. “I will go to the gym 3 mornings a week and eat an extra serving of vegetables each day” is much more actionable than “I want to have healthier habits this year”. Lofty ambitions can get you into trouble, so keep your goals small enough to accomplish, and set a reasonable timetable to complete them. Be practical and realistic- you’re are not likely to lose 50 pounds by this summer, and making that your goal is likely to frustrate you into inaction. If you’re looking for inspiration, we at Silver Spring Medical Center have some suggestions for the upcoming summer that will get you on track for reaching your wellness goals.

  • Decide make healthy eating habits a part of your healthy lifestyle. Whether weight loss is one of your goals or not, eating better will always be beneficial to your health. Your diet is within your control, so it’s a good place to start changing your lifestyle.
  • If your aim is to lose weight, have a reasonable weight loss plan. Fad diets make big promises, but in reality they can lead to poor health and frustration. Healthy eating choice, on the other hand that will benefit your whole body in the long run. You might not know how or where to start, but the medical professionals at Silver Springs Medical Center can help you find the right weight loss solution for you.
  • Replace a bad habit by embracing a good one. You might want to quit smoking, stop being such a couch potato, or quit thinking negatively, but it’s hard to break these bad habits. Learn to switch your bad habits with good ones, and you’ll see rapid improvement in your health and mood.
  • Resolve to give your mind a workout. For some people, this means committing to reading one book each month, for others, it’s setting aside 20 minutes each day to write. You might want to sign up for a class in order to learn a new skill, or you might just decide to make a point of opening your mind to new ideas, and striving to learn from others. Whatever the process means to you, find new ways to stretch your brain.
  • Relish simplicity. Sometimes, the simplest changes make the biggest difference in the long run. For example, if you want better oral health, you might make a resolution to floss each night. Little things can add up to big lifestyle changes.
  • Never fear asking for help. Help might be a support group, or a friend who will hold you accountable, or a medical professional with good advice. Sometimes, help takes the form of other people whose experiences can help you clarify your own intentions and goals. Keep your mind and heart open, and you’ll find the answers to your questions.
  • Live a purposeful life. Increase your awareness of how much your actions count. The small things you do and say every day add up to the complete picture of your life, so make sure that the choices you are making are keeping you pointed toward the goals you want to reach, for the life you want to live.

If this is the year you resolve to have a healthier body and mind, we can help. Offering a wide variety of holistic healing practices in a multidisciplinary approach, our medically advanced team of physicians seeks to help patients reach their wellness goals, working with their bodies’ natural healing processes. Whether you’re looking for a medical weight loss solution, relief from chronic pain, or just a path to a healthier life, contact us at (301) 933-7827.