Laser Pain Relief Therapy

Safe, Natural, Drug-Free Pain Relief For Athletes And Active Lifestyles

Spend more time in the game and less time in recovery with Multi Radiance Medical’s exclusive Super Pulsed Laser technology right here at the Silver Spring Medical Center. Whether you’re a highly competitive athlete, or just looking to get back to an active lifestyle, our Multi Radiance Laser provides a convenient and comfortable breakthrough treatment to get you back up to full speed.

Multi Radiance Medical Super Pulsed Laser technology has been validated in vitro, in vivo, in controlled laboratory experiments and in clinical practice. Its multiple wavelength technology has been clinically proven to provide optimal treatment, safe for all skin pigmentation, without raising skin temperatures to dangerous levels, unlike Class IV and Class 3B lasers.

Get Back In The Game

Join the increasing number of athletes and active adults who have used Super Pulsed Laser therapy as a game-changing part of their treatment and pain-relief programs.

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How Does Laser Pain Therapy Work?

Multi Radiance Super Pulsed Lasers use innovative technology delivering light energy to tissue, reducing pain and increasing circulation. The lasers combine clinically proven wavelengths to create the energy effect, allowing for deeper penetration and enhanced absorption of light.

With the technology, super pulses can occur up to 50,000mW of power, which is more than most class IV lasers, yet with higher degrees of safety. The high power creates a high photon density to strongly reduce pain and improve micro-circulation.

In the study, researchers aimed to investigate the effects of phototherapy in combination of different light sources on nonspecific knee pain in 86 patients that rated 30 or greater on the pain visual analogue scale (VAS).

Patients of the phototherapy with low-level laser therapy (LLLT) group received 12 treatments with active phototherapy (with 905 nm super-pulsed laser and 875 and 650 mm LEDS manufactured by Multi Radiance Medical) and conventional treatment, physical therapy or chiropractic care. Those in the placebo group were treated in the same way except with a placebo phototherapy device.

Pain assessments were performed at baseline and after treatments 4, 7 and 10, after the completion of treatments, and at the 1-month follow-up visit.

The findings concluded that phototherapy significantly decreased pain from treatment 10 to follow-up assessments and significantly improved SF-36 physical component summary at posttreatments and follow-up.

Overall, researchers from the study concluded that combination of super-pulsed laser, red and infrared light-emitting diode (LEDs) is effective to decreased pain, improving quality of life in patients with knee and joint pain.