Headache And Migraine

There Is No Such Thing As A “Mild Headache” As They Are Usually Indicators Of Underlying Illness Or Injury.

Headache and migraine treatment is a particular specialty of Silver Spring Medical Center. If you suffer from migraine headaches, cluster headaches, trigeminal neuralgia, or any various other severe headaches, Silver Spring Medical Center has an exciting new headache and migraine treatment to offer.

Dr. Tian Xia, MD, an anesthesiologist developed a revolutionary new treatment. Having spent years of clinical practice administering therapeutic drugs to the SPG foramen, Dr. Xia developed a special proprietary applicator to simplify the treatment and make the short procedure more comfortable. This applicator has been reviewed by the FDA, in anticipation of its market introduction, and the treatment method is fully covered by PPO and Medicare insurance.

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Invented in 2010, the Tx360® device is inserted through the nasal cavity, in order to deliver small amounts of selected fluid (1 cc or less) to any region of the nasal pathway, including the area of the inferior turbinate, superior turbinate, and sphenopalatine foramen. Our medical providers have been thoroughly trained in this technique, which is fast and involves minimal discomfort.

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