Do I have to take Rx medication?

There is no medication requirement. However, if medically appropriate, the doctor can prescribe a safe appetite suppressant to keep hunger at bay as you lose weight.  As a convenience, are able to dispense these medications in the office; making an extra trip to the pharmacy unnecessary.   The doctor will also take a look at any other medications you might be taking for another condition, that may also be interfering with your weight loss efforts. We also offer non prescription, natural appetite suppressants, as well as hormonal approach (Hcg), which can be taken either by self-injection daily or via oral tablets.

Participation IS however mandatory!  Don't worry, in a fun way.  You must be ready and willing to take an active roll in your weight loss program.  This means; paying attention to what you eat, tracking daily calories, learning about what healthy nutrition is.  We offer a wide variety of learning mediums: regular emails packed with valuable information, informative articles and links, tips and meal suggestions.  We also offer weekly live teleclasses, and evening classes such as yoga and cardio kickboxing.  We assure you, we are NOT a boring (and ineffective in our opinion) office that simply hands out prescriptions!

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