Trigger Point Injections

Trigger Point Therapy

Sometimes pain is caused by trigger points. This happens when a muscle sustains a contraction, forming what may be felt as a knot, which restricts movement and causes muscle weakness. The pain may be referred or radiating and it may be secondary to another problem, though it can also be the primary problem. Often activated by trauma or repetitive motion, trigger points can be treated through trigger point therapy.

Silver Spring Medical Center conducts Trigger Point Therapy in the office, by injecting a very fine gauge needle, not much larger than an acupuncture needle, directly into the involved muscle. These needles typically contain small amount of local anesthetic, with or without steroids, or they may contain SUPARTZ. Used for osteoarthritis in the knee, SUPARTZ is a non-surgical, non-pharmacologic solution containing hyaluronan, a lubricant substance found naturally occurring in the knee joint. SUPARTZ is approved for 5 weekly injections, but most people find relief after only three injections.

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