Medical Weight Loss Chevy Chase

Medical Weight Loss Chevy Chase

You didn’t mean to put on the weight, but now you can’t seem to take it off. You’re not alone and our Medical Weight Loss program can help!

*Note: Program Results May Vary From Patient To Patient.

So many of our patients come to us with the same concerns: ” I’ve tried so many medical weight-loss programs and plans, I just seem to gain the weight right back again when the program ends!” That’s where Silver Spring Medical Center’s medical weight loss program differs from all the rest. Our medical weight loss program is designed to aid you in reaching your weight loss goals quickly, safely, effectively. Silver Spring Medical Center offers a safe, effective weight loss program. Many people who have tried different diet programs without success find that with a medical weight loss program, they are able to realize their weight loss and health goals. Our Medical weight loss programs incorporates natural hormones along with an easy to follow diet and weekly B12 injections to help put patients lose on the right path to healthy weight and size reduction.

How Does Our Medical Weight-Loss Program Work?


Take the first step: Call 301-945-9717 to set up your FREE medical weight loss consultation.

Our program is not “one-size-fits-all” and not all patients qualify. Come in to the office and meet the doctor, go over the particulars about our program, and go through a few simple questions to see if our weight loss program is right for you.

FDA Approved Medication: Our physicians only use FDA approved medications, proven to reduce your cravings for calories safely and effectively.

  • Physician Approved & Monitored: Upon approval of being a candidate for our weight loss program, you will receive a thorough physical exam before and throughout your program to monitor progress and make sure that you are within a healthy range of weight loss.
  • Nutrition & Fitness Consulting: In order to make the changes necessary to maintain a healthy weight for life, you will be provided with nutrition and fitness tools and tips that will help you maintain a healthy lifestyle.
  • Fat-Burning Injections: Weekly injections of B-Complex and Amino Acids aid in speeding up your weight loss journey, all while being monitored closely by physicians.
  • Weight Loss Tools: Losing weight is so much easier with a little help. Our program provides a personalized e-journal for each patient. By desktop or mobile you can count calories, monitor sleep, and track your exercise all in order to reach your weight loss goals, on time.
  • Medication is dispensed on-site: We make is easy to start your weight loss program right away. All medications are dispensed and monitored within our office.
  • *Note: Program Results May Vary From Patient To Patient.


We will give you the tools you need to succeed

If you start our program, you will receive an email leading you to our online new patient paperwork that you can complete on our secure and encrypted website.

Once the paperwork is complete, our doctors will review your medical history and complete a thorough physical exam. Upon completion of your exam, you will be provided with all of the medications and information to get started right there in the office.

At any point during your program, you are encouraged to login to our online patient management system, which enables you to monitor and record your daily caloric intake, activities, amount of sleep, improvements and more. This is a new web application that provides you every tool to assure accuracy with our program. This application will allow you to share your weight and fat loss progress with our physicians, as well as contact them if you encounter any questions along the way.

Finally, regular office visits will help to monitor your progress on your medical weight loss program.

Once a week, you will need to come into the office so we can monitor and regulate your health, weight and fat loss progress. Through the use of a specialized diagnostic device, we can actually measure the amount of body fat you have lost and make sure that you aren’t losing fat-burning muscle mass.

This is also the perfect time for you to sit down with your physician to discuss your goals, progress, and answer any questions you may have. We will happily give you advice if you meet with any setbacks or would like to alter your program in any way.

Significant weight loss and management only happen through dedicated lifestyle changes and most importantly, help from dedicated healthcare professionals.

If you are ready to change make a positive change in your life, please call 301-945-9717 today.