Life lessons learned from a patient.

An ebullient 12th grade patient forwarded me an excerpt from a mellifluous essay on determination she wrote. Take a minute and read this sagacious piece.  Comment on any breakthrough moments you've had... inspire us!

This I believe


My Father always told me growing up “there’s no such thing as I can’t, only I don’t want to”.

            This is something that stuck with me then, remaining apart of who I am today. This one phrase, engraved in my mind, flowing through my blood, has allowed me to push my limits and expand on my horizons. Physically challenging, mentally unyielding, emotionally demanding, this philosophy has provided a constant solution in the face of adversity. When training for an Olympic triathlon, I was faced with challenges throughout my journey towards the finish line. When race day came, I completed the first two sections of the race, swimming and biking. Transitioning to the running portion of the race, I felt my legs starting to give out. Panic began to rise through my body as I feared of the six treacherous miles ahead. I pushed the physical pain and self-doubt out of my mind, reminding myself that quitting wasn’t an option. As Lance Armstrong famously said; “there comes a time in every race when a competitor meets the real opponent, and understands that it’s himself” It took me some time to realize but I understood that I was the only thing standing in the way of crossing the finish line. I was my own enemy. At first I thought that I was physically unable to continue then I realized I was setting up mental barriers.  I thought I wouldn’t be able to continue because I told myself ‘I can’t’.  

That’s when I reminded myself of what my father had told me, that “there’s no such thing as I can’t, only I don’t want to”.

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